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Love is the utmost peak of consciousness

Love is only possible in a conscious state of mind. Once you start seeing everyone as a certain level of consciousness, you will stop comparing and judging—respecting people’s desires to be who they want to be! That’s universal love!

  • Loving Consciously Vs. Unconsciously
  • Are We A Match?
  • Grow Your Consciousness
  • Our Mantra To Grow Your Magnetism

Loving Consciously Vs. Loving Unconsciously

How many times have you wondered when the real change is going to happen in your life? How many people do you know who can honestly say they are living their dreams?

Are you?

Most people give up trying to attract what they want within a few months! They don’t see the results they’re looking for and throw the baby out with the bathwater!

Unconscious Singles Are Weak * Unaware * Infantile

Unconscious singles are lost in the past; they are dreamers, pleasers, gossipers, doubtful, indecisive, rushing, apologizing, over-thinking, offended, aggressive, rigid, etc.

Conscious Singles Are Strong * Self-Aware * Mature

They are the same as unconscious singles BUT owning where they are, with a willingness to change. Humans are impossible without weaknesses. Life is not about being or becoming perfect—the power humans possess is in their ability to overcome.

“He, who looks in the mirror of the water, first sees his own image. He, who looks at himself, risks meeting himself. The mirror does not flatter, it shows accurately what is reflected in it, namely that face, that we never show the world because we hide it by the persona, the mask of the actor. This is the first test of courage on the inner path, a test, which is enough to frighten most people because the encounter with oneself belongs to those unpleasant things, one avoids as long as one can project the negative onto the environment.” ~ Carl Gustav Jung

Love is only possible in a conscious state of mind.

Our goal is to expand your consciousness to help you manifest your dreams.

The pledge of a happy family life, lasting marriage, and alluring sex with one partner is possible under one important condition—a stable psyche.

What is a stable psyche? It is a higher consciousness. Love is the utmost peak of consciousness. When a person has a stable psyche, he can live with one partner his whole life and love just that one person—feeling happy and fulfilled.

  • A conscious person is NOT seeking to catch and possess a good person in order to feel happy and fulfilled.
  • If you feel you cannot live without another person and he means the world to you, it means his significance has replaced your world. You need to immediately start restoring your world instead of trying to keep that person.
  • People seek a spark, a burning passion, a love ecstasy, and end up measuring love by the amount of suffering. Conversely, a mature, healthy love is all about how happy you are.
  • Loneliness is not the absence of love, but rather a lack of interest in—and an avoidance of—yourself.
  • If you do not like the way a person behaves, do not look for excuses for his behavior. For a conscious girl, a situation in which “he doesn’t call her back” means the end of a relationship. For an unconscious one, it’s the beginnings of love.
  • A conscious person would never tolerate being in an unfulfilling relationship. Love is caring about the well-being, needs, and interests of your partner—as if they were your own.


Are We A Match?

Let’s check if we are a match.

  • Are you an intellectual, deep thinker, and open-minded?
  • Are you tired of living a single life and having trouble meeting quality people?
  • Are you frustrated with romantic outcomes and losing hope to find love again?
  • Are you open to face the naked truth about yourself and make changes in your life?
  • Are you committed to investing time and effort in self-improvement and growing your consciousness?

If we are a good match, we are excited to help you grow your magnetism and spontaneity to attract your dream partner. We want to help you find love that lasts.

But there is one “BUT”:

It is impossible to help you if you resent new ideas and new opportunities. If you are lazy, stubborn, closed-minded, opinionated, and unwilling to change, our service is a waste of your time.

We can only help you if you are ready and open to get helped.

  • Are you admitting that what you used to do doesn’t serve you any longer?
  • Are you seeking a new approach, new tools, new opportunities, and further changes?

What we do not do:

We do not provide “comforting support,” trying to make you feel better about your situation by feeding your illusions, and giving you a confirmation that you are right and perfect and the world around you is all unfair, and your romantic partners suck.

What we do:

To help you find true, mature love, we first help you to become true with yourself and more mature; only then will you be able to attract a true and mature partner. Infantile partners will become of no interest to you—regardless of their physical and material attributes.

We are not trying to convert anyone into any new ideology or impose our ideas on anyone. We believe that the very effort to convert anybody is violence; it violates individuality, uniqueness, and freedom. Our approach is not for everyone and might not match your system of beliefs and expectations. 

We share the proven tools that were effective and opened doors to new opportunities—for ourselves and for many of our clients. That being said, everyone makes their own decisions and puts their efforts into achieving their dreams and goals.


Grow Your Consciousness With Our Program

Your life experiences are only possible to the extent of your awareness. The quality of your life and your matches improve as your awareness increases.

The goal of our program is to give you effective tools to help you get on a new level in every sphere in your life:

  • To become calm, patient, spontaneous, relaxed and natural
  • To start observing your thoughts and actions
  • To start noticing when you get angry, depressed, jealous, insecure, overreact, judgmental—recognize that these states are not you—and make an attempt to correct them
  • To become more realistic and honest with yourself about your deficiencies and shortcomings— developing an adequate perception of reality
  • To grow your self-regulation and self-discipline
  • To rely on yourselves in most life situations
  • To have stable moral norms
  • To start comparing “Yourself Yesterday” with “Yourself Today” vs. comparing yourself to others
  • To become freer and more spontaneous by not reacting to circumstances
  • To live deliberately with intentions and get focused on self-realization and growth
  • To expand friendships and associations with other conscious people
  • To learn to accept others as they are without intention to change them
  • To open to new things and possibilities outside your comfort zone
  • To avoid conflicts and social misunderstandings
  • To live deliberately, love consciously, and date like the Observer


Follow Our Mantra To Grow Your Magnetism

  • I am humbled, modest and ordinary
  • I am enough and in full control of my life
  • I am respectful and empathetic
  • I am free and independent from anyone’s opinions
  • I am strong and welcome difficulty as an opportunity for my future growth and strength
  • I am open and gratefully accept whatever gifts the Universe has prepared for me
  • I am balanced and kind—not only when everything is going well—but also during hard times
  • I choose to spend time with those who know how to stay in the moment without demands and expectations and offer them the same

”The freedom of enlightenment means much more than the experience of love and peace. It means discovering a Truth that will turn your view of self and life upside-down. For one who is truly ready, this will be unimaginably liberating. But for one who is still clinging in any way, this will be extremely challenging indeed. How does one know if they are ready? One is ready when they are willing to be absolutely consumed when they are willing to be fuel for a fire without end.” ~ Adyashanti


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