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Let our dating coach help you beat your competition in love. Fall in love with the love competition! Never forget about it and never avoid it!

“Either you have a competitor or not. If you have one, you have to be liked enough to be preferred. If you don’t – then again, you have to be liked enough that the opponent doesn’t have a chance even if it appears.” ~Choderlos de Laclos

  • What The Dating Competition Is Not
  • Let’s Calculate Your Love Significance
  • Stop Avoiding The Dating Competition
  • Our Master Love Plan For You
  • Secret For Lasting Love


What The Dating Competition Is Not

  • The dating competition is never against your matches, dates, or partners. You are not competing with the subject of your attraction, but for the subject of your attraction amongst your competitors.
  • The dating competition doesn’t mean sleeping around and being available. That’s just another way to avoid the dating competition.
  • The dating competition doesn’t mean to be silent or to pretend you don’t care about your competition at all. Again, that’s another way of avoidance.
  • Winning your dating competition doesn’t mean to fight for your love. Sometimes it means to step away or to be delicate, smooth and sophisticated.

Allow our dating coach to raise your love significance and help you rise above your competition!


Calculate Love Significance 

Love significance is equal to the average of all current available romantic options; not just the ones you desire.

It’s the number of people matching your criteria and expectations, who are also interested and available to you. If you have many people who are interested in you but they are not matching your standards, your love significance is low. This means you have to start working on yourself before searching for more appropriate candidates. 

The goal is to grow your significance for your partner and exceed your dating competition. Your partner will decide who is better. That’s why singles are so fearful of competition.

When someone is left by their partner, what often happens is that they refuse to accept the reality of the situation. Instead of taking any responsibility for why they were left, they begin to diminish their partner. They question their partner’s choices and motivations, all to save face. They allow their illusions to protect them from the harsh reality—they lost their dating competition.


Stop Avoiding The Dating Competition

Many singles have an inflamed and exaggerated self-perception. That is the most common reason why their previous relationships failed. And now, they’re asking their matchmaker for a match of even better quality than they were able to attract in the past!

Most requests to matchmakers sound something like this:

“Do you know anyone I can use to make myself feel better and fulfill my needs and desires? Here is a list of everything they need to have to serve me better. Also, I am a Precious Treasure! Here is a list of all my accomplishments to prove you I deserve all I am asking for!”

Dating Mistake #1: “My Standards Are Too High” Dating

Some daters are scared of competition and are avoiding it or seeing themselves as above it. They hope a matchmaker will give them the best endorsement and the competition will mysteriously disappear.

Those daters overestimate their love significance for others and protect themselves with a lot of illusions.

They convince themselves that they are very desirable, despite being lonely —the reason being that they are too picky and have a high bar of expectations.

Instead of comparing their love significance with their competitors, they compare their own significance with the significance of their partner or desired match. Seeing objective reality is so painful that they choose to raise the bar sky-high—turning competition into an impossibility.

They’re always worried about how to drop the bar so they start liking “average” options and stop waiting for the best of the best. They never understand that their over-raised bar of expectations is the result of their avoidance in the competition in love. If they could objectively see their own significance compared to that of their competition, their bar of expectations would be adequate and realistic.

People who are frustrated with dating are usually avoiding competition using endless self-deceptions and illusions. Often we see singles complaining that their standards are too high and that they want to stop falling for unavailable options. Those singles ignore that the reason for their frustrating dating experience is not high expectations—but rather an avoidance of completion when it comes to love.


Dating Mistake #2: “Love Me For Who I Am”

Once in a relationship, some will make the mistake of getting complacent. They get comfortable and drop all of their efforts to charm their partner. They make the mistake of thinking they are no longer participating in the dating competition. They think that because they are in a relationship, the other person must love them as they are—halting their focus on bringing pleasure and happiness to their partner.


Secret For Lasting Love 

Fall in love with the love competition! Never forget about it and never avoid it! 

Beating your love competition energizes and motivates you to grow and develop your inner resources (image, education, work, social connections, etc.). It gives you confidence, growing your spontaneity and magnetism. It attracts higher quality matches to you.

Always—even in a relationship and even when you’re married—try to beat your love competition. Constantly striving to be at your best for your partner is the secret to lasting love.

Romantic interest towards you, and your significance for another, is proportional to your self-respect. And that’s what we help you achieve.

After careful, objective evaluation, we will prepare you to be at your best. Only then will we give our best endorsement of you to your potential matches.


Our Master Love Plan For You Will:

  • Give you brutally honest feedback
  • Show you all of your blind spots
  • Help peel off your illusions and self-defenses
  • Give you effective tools and strategies to beat  your competitors
  • Help you grow your personal resources
  • Teach you effective communication, charm, seduction, and magnetism
  • Help you evaluate the dating marketplace realistically
  • Keep you accountable to reach your goals
  • Expand your romantic and social circle with our handpicked, confidential, exclusive, quality introductions

Our matchmaking, dating, and coaching programs helped many singles increase their success rate. They’ve beat their dating competition, and transformed into the person they dreamt to be. You have the chance to do the same. The only way to get where you want to be is to take deliberate actions towards your dreams!

We believe whatever you can dream of, you can achieve, and you can count on our support in this journey!


Don’t avoid your love competition! We are here to help you win it! Allow our dating coach to raise your LOVE SIGNIFICANCE and help you rise above your competition! 
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