Code of Ethics

Our conscious rules of ethics

Matchmaking and relationship coaching is a very delicate and sensitive process. We have over 15 years of experience in dealing with people’s feelings, hearts, emotions, wounds, their most private secrets, and desires. The integrity and intuition of a matchmaker are paramount in this process.

The in-depth interviews enable us not only to learn about your preferences but also to determine how realistic your expectations are. It’s crucial to be prepared to be patient, realistic, and a little vulnerable through the process.

We recognize that we are dealing with the most private and often the most vulnerable parts of people’s lives. Our emotional support, feedback, recognition of personal strengths, and sometimes hidden “roadblocks” motivates and enables our clients to achieve their romantic dreams and helps their own growth, which is inevitable for deeply fulfilling loving relationships.


  • We are not trying to convert anyone into any new ideology or impose our ideas on anyone. We believe that the very effort to convert anybody is violence; it violates individuality, uniqueness, and freedom. Our approach is not for everyone and might not match your system of beliefs and expectations.
  • We share the proven tools that were effective and opened doors to new opportunities for ourselves and many of our clients, but everyone makes their own decisions and puts their efforts in achieving their dreams and goals.
  • We do not discriminate based on age, ancestry, color, disability, national origin, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.
  • If we believe we are unable to fulfill client's needs or to secure matches for clients or we consider their expectations to be unrealistic, we reserve the right to refuse representation.
  • QD’s personal coach is not a psychologist or a therapist. A coaching session is not psychological counseling or any type of therapy. QD’s personal coach is not an attorney, accountant, business analyst, solicitor, or a financial advisor and cannot provide professional advice as to any of those areas of expertise. You should seek the advice of the respective licensed professionals if you require their expertise. QD's personal coach is an individual who may help you identify any areas of concern relating to your personal and/or professional life and formulate possible plans of action or scenarios to resolve any such concerns.

15 Conscious Rules of Ethics We Practice in Our Business


  1. Full acceptance of individuality of a client
  2. Building trust and respect with each client
  3. Making a client feel safe and supported
  4. Believing in the potential of each client and the possibility to fulfill his desires and aspirations
  5. Providing a client with an ”additional pair of eyes” in coaching and matchmaking process
  6. Helping coaching clients with 20% of the work and keeping them accountable for the rest
  7. Helping clients who have a strong desire to change, be happy, and build energy resources to manifest it
  8. Helping clients to take responsibility for choices and to execute their freedom of choice
  9. Helping clients to overcome roadblocks on the way to success
  10. Helping clients to overcome roadblocks on the way to success
  11. Recognizing that clients might have duties where they don’t have a choice
  12. Providing clients with new effective tools to replace the old ones
  13. Giving clients enough time for transformation as conscious growth and shifts develop in circles.
  14. Continually working on personal growth of a coach as spiritual development of the coach is the limiting
  15. Continually working on personal growth of a coach as spiritual development of the coach is the limiting ceiling for the client because a coach can only help with issues that were resolved internally by the coach
  16. All coaches and matchmakers deserve respect as their consciousness level attracts people similar to them. There is always someone better, but that person might not be a good fit for every client, as all matches are made by the level of consciousness in different areas like education, friendship and romance
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