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    Without consciousness acting as an observer and interpreter, everything would exist only as pure potential. The higher your consciousness is elevated, the higher the probability that you will enact miracles in your life. At a quantum level, the consciousness expresses its free will.

    “The notion of treating people like possibilities rather than fixed structures is a healthy one” ~ Nick Herbert, Physicist

    The Land of Illusions – The Mind

    Conscious people are actively focused on evolving instead of trying to catch someone or something. When presented with the option, they choose to grow and work on themselves.

    Every morning brings a new chance to make the right choice. However, we often experience strong resistance when expressing parts of ourselves that we are proud of. Our pride causes us to judge the parts of ourselves we are ashamed of. We gaze at ourselves in the mirror of the other, disliking the parts we don’t want to accept.

    There’s a voice in our head, acting as a protective shield; arriving to provide shelter when we feel vulnerable, unsafe, or incomplete. This is where illusions and pride reside—the mind; the source of judgment for ourselves and others.

    In a relationship, our self-defenses and illusions are distorting our reality. The outcomes in our lives begin to match the images projected by our deepest fears and anxieties. Our choice of how to view the moment affects the outcome of that moment in the quantum world.

    Once you start seeing everyone as a certain level of consciousness, you will stop comparing and judging. You’ll begin allowing people to be who they want to be; respecting them and their choices. Once you start accepting others with no judgment—rather with love and respect—people will stop irritating, disappointing or upsetting you. That’s a Universal law of love.


    Who is The Observer

    So who is observing us while we are making the wrong choices? Whom does this inner voice belong to?

    An Observer is our Soul, our Higher Self, an extended level of quantum consciousness beyond pride level.

    It’s the voice that always knows what is right and what is not; whispering to us our deepest truths. It is also a combination of circumstances that forms a person’s life experience. Thus, the life of each of us is controlled by an Observer—or Soul—that is interpreting reality and making choices that are already predetermined by our Karma.

    Karma is the “Universal police” that punishes people for not following the Universal laws of energy exchange.

    Bringing new opportunities to the lower level of consciousness will not change or help anything, as we can only attract things that are similar to our frequency.

    So our goal in life is to learn to accurately interpret our circumstances and read others. This way, we can change our Karma and improve our life by making better choices.

    But most of us do not live in the world of the Soul, and therefore have to rely on coincidence to unravel the Will of the universe.


    At The Quantum Level, Consciousness Expresses Its Free Will

    Without consciousness acting as an observer and interpreter, everything would exist only as pure potential. The higher your consciousness is elevated, the higher the probability that you will enact miracles in your life. At a quantum level, consciousness expresses its free will.

    Aristotle taught Alexander the Great about the marriage between self-regulation and spontaneity: “Pleasure is found in the consciousness of free spontaneous action.”

    The Observer is full of spontaneity. He doesn’t interfere. He goes with the flow. Whatever happens, he watches. He simply bears witness to the event. He knows what is happening but doesn’t jump into it, and doesn’t try to change its course. This is where the flow becomes spontaneous.

    Spontaneity means to welcome opportunity and possibility. To be spontaneous is to allow life to happen; not to obstruct it, not to hinder it, not to distract it, not to take it in some other direction where it was not going on its own.

    Once the mind becomes too dominant, it does not allow any spontaneity. When the mind gains too much power, it starts to control and direct instead of moving with the flow.  It becomes dictatorial. It does not allow spontaneity to utter a single word.


    Misperceptions About The Law of Attraction

    Everything that we do and think is the byproduct of how we perceive information; in other words, our reality bias. This implies that by adequately reordering our perceptions, we can affect the outcome of everything in our lives.

    Your past is just your current interpretation of the events in your life. This interpretation depends on the state of your energy field and the level of your consciousness at the given moment. In quantum physics, the behavior of a particle depends on the Observer. Your interpretation of your past and current circumstances is very similar: it is also dependent upon the Observer called your Soul or your Higher Self.

    The Law of Attraction is not about wishing for what you think you want. It is about becoming the person you choose to be. As you start to embody your truest self, you will begin to naturally attract the people and circumstances which match your authentic energy.

    Your relationships are a mirror that reflects back to you an honest image of who you are. These images can teach you valuable lessons about yourself and expose your vulnerable blind spots. When you look into the mirror of your relationships, you have an opportunity to grow and jump into a new, expanded level of consciousness.


    Our Energy Management Method

    The field, where the Observer operates, has its own energy rules. Our quantum energy management method helps you grow and reserve your vital energy by teaching you those rules. You will learn to notice and analyze details objectively. You’ll learn a new, productive style of social interaction.

    Once you start operating from a point of higher consciousness, you will be able to release the pains caused by your illusions and fears. This will allow you to obtain a higher order of relationship. Eventually, you will transform your relationships to be more fulfilling, spontaneous, and life-enhancing.

    The only path to experiencing true love is to elevate your consciousness. A spontaneous field of possibilities is altered only by your choice and perspective.

    Over the years, we have helped many happy clients to change their lives and to find love. Allow us to teach you to date like an Observer, grow your consciousness, and become a charismatic love magnet!

    • Stop living your life by default and open yourself to the field of endless possibilities
    • Invite evolution into your world and your relationships
    • You are not limited by your luck. The only way to seize the opportunity is to be prepared for it!


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