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How It Works

Our approach is to help you expand your consciousness to attract better romantic options and create fulfilling, lasting relationships

  • Two Opposite Types of Daters
  • Are You Searching for Love Backwards?
  • A Quantum Formula of Success
  • A Myth about True Love

Modern dating can be challenging and disappointing for even very attractive, successful, and charming singles. Endless swiping right and left just to get the same unfulfilling feeling after several disappointing dates – does this sound familiar? 

Then Mr. or Ms. Perfect Match shows up and sweeps you off your feet. However, it is short-lasting. After a few months of burning passion, butterflies, and excitement, you find yourselves even more empty and devastated than before you started. Not only with a broken heart, but with lost savings and precious time.

Don’t lose faith in love! We have a solution that will help you become a more conscious dater. As a conscious dater, you’ll be able to effortlessly attract love, attention, and adoration from those you are interested in. You’ll no longer feel the need to pressure or manipulate others to get what you want. Are you ready to take the first step?  

Every choice you make today shapes your tomorrow. If you can hear your inner self beyond the elusive noise, your tomorrow will not be a surprise! Good luck is easily found when your high level of preparedness meets an opportunity!


Two Opposite Types of Daters

  1. The first is what we call Unconscious, or Infantile. They are so afraid to float alone in life that they jump into the first available boat with passengers who will take them. They dream of a “happy future,” unaware that their boat is sinking into the bottomless darkness of broken illusions.
  2. The second is what we call Conscious, or Mature.  They have the entire Galaxy inside them and are free from the need to be surrounded by others. They have no mission to catch anyone. They trust in the serendipity of the Universal order of matched energies.  

When a matchmaker is working with an infantile (unconscious) client, the introductions most often result in unhealthy and unsuccessful relationships. When a client is not open to any feedback and is only trying to fulfill an Ego-driven list of desires, it’s not a surprise when things don’t work out. A matchmaker can only produce the results matching the level of consciousness you are at, as ultimately that is all you can attract at the moment.

Are You Searching for Love Backwards?

People often search for love in reverse order: 

First, they fall in love → Then they fall apart → Only then they get forced to look inside . . . if ever

We suggest doing it in the opposite order and provide you with tools that will help you improve the current state of your love resources and love significance:

  1. We encourage you first to restore your inner power, recognize and break your patterns, and raise your consciousness.
  2. Then we help you boost your charisma, magnetism, and spontaneity to become confident and in control of your happiness. Taking your happiness into your own hands means you aren’t constantly seeking love and being dependent on validation from others. 
  3. Only after that do we expand the quality and quantity of your dating opportunities. We inspire you to focus on the experiences instead of the results, with no attachment to the outcome.


A Quantum Formula of Success

Our approach is to help you expand your consciousness to attract better romantic options and create lasting, fulfilling relationships. We believe that Good Luck is when Preparedness meets Opportunity, and Compatibility is Created not Matched.

  • Your energy is what attracts others to you! 
  • Happiness can be only achieved through self-actualization. 
  • Pleasure is received, and happiness is found in giving. A balance of both (receiving and giving) for each person creates a perfect relationship.
  • Never chase love, affection, or attention! Start your personal growth! Focus on becoming what you seek! Live at your full potential and achieve what you deserve! 
  • Always play for the sake of the experience and not for the final results. The minute you are focused on the final result, you will lose the flow. By trying to control it, you are interrupting, and preventing it from happening. 

A Myth About True Love

One magical day you will meet your soul-mate—your perfect match—who will meet all of your expectations and fulfill all of your dreams” 

This is a myth, a fantasy, and a lie. It’s well portrayed in songs and poems. This myth takes you into deep memories where you were safe and whole with your Mother. This is a childish dream which so many are deliberately trying to fulfill for most of their adult life. 

No one—not your current partner, and not a magical beloved from your future – will ever make you feel loved and happy. Not even if they wanted to do this for you. 

The problem is, everyone is looking for unconditional love, while simultaneously carrying a bag full of conditions. Your quantum match is your mirror where both people serve as each other’s lessons, leading to growth and mutual fulfillment. 

True love ONLY comes as a result of your inner depth and maturity. It’s never a result of your dependency on another and their slavery to provide you with security, love, and pleasure. Only when you have enough love to share with no fears will you be able to attract true love into your life.

Self-mastery is to pursue love deliberately and to experience the satisfaction of giving and sharing instead of pursuing others to receive love. Stop chasing and start growing!


Good luck is never out of reach when preparedness meets opportunity. Schedule a 30-minutes consultation with a matchmaker. Start Now