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    Most online profiles are simply representations of egocentric screams for help. People are love-hungry. They’re constantly describing, explaining, and convincing others how much they deserve love, how badly their needs were served in the past, and who will qualify better to make them happy and fulfilled

    They describe a bargain of services, detailing what they are willing to do for the other as compensation for their “good behavior” and commitment. As soon they see, even from far away, what they really like, they want to commit immediately; to possess the other, and live happily ever after. Their wish is their command!

    Most online profiles sound something like this:

    • “I am looking for someone I can use to make myself feel better and fulfill my needs and desires. Here is the list of everything they need to have to serve me better!”
    • “I am a precious treasure! Here is a list of all my benefits and accomplishments to prove to you I deserve everything I want!”

    Many people are seeking partners to make their life complete, instead of becoming complete first and wanting to share their life with others.

    Love (consciousness) is related to imagination. It is an air resource.

    To make other people interested in you, your project, or to fall in love with you, you need to first capture their imagination and curiosity. The goal is to attract attention and raise interest but without showing off—with modesty and respect.

    A profile should not be a scream for help. A profile reflecting your NEED and your HUNGER reduces your value, significance, and attractiveness for others.

    Instead, try writing about:

    • what you have to offer
    • what you would love to share
    • what sparks your interests
    • what provokes your curiosity
    • what awakes your imagination
    • what stimulates you intellectually

    Start seeing your profile as an invitation to play a game where the rules and qualities are always subject to change.

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