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Our blog is a collection of foundational strategies and coaching tools, that were employed for over 15 years of helping thousands of singles to create long-lasting and fulfilling relationships and to bring their love life to the next level. Our blog’s purpose is to help you develop a habit of conscious thinking and improve the quality of your relationships – both in life and in love. Explore our free articles, videos and other dating resources to create your own luck, so that you can decide your future, and manifest your personal goals and dreams.

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    Grow Your Spontaneity Using Our Coaching Tools

    • Recognize And Accept Reality And Release Others From Your Pressure

    We will help you develop a realistic outlook at life—peeling off the illusions that distort how you view both yourself and your relationships 

    To become successful in life, love, and business, a person must be able to analyze, plan, and strategize effectively. What is needed for this? No Illusions + Sufficient Experience. Without special training and effective coaching, most people have no chance to elevate the level of their personal development. Their own experiences and analysis often only help to repeat the vicious cycle over and over again.

    • Balance In Your Life And Relationships

    We will help you upgrade your communication skills in all of your personal relationships

    We have an approach for helping you master your communication skills needed to grow attraction. These skills help reduce conflict and assist you in maintaining healthy dynamics and balance in relationships—both romantic and otherwise.

    We help you see what is invisible to you. We help uncover your blindspots in communication—providing feedback to adjust your responses accordingly; making your communication more productive and successful for you. The intention is to ensure that debris from a negative relationship does not impact future interactions, and instead serves to help kick-start the healing process.

    • Develop Inner And Outer Resources

    We will keep you accountable in reaching your goals to improve the current level of your resources

    Magnetism is filled with energy that people get from their developed resources like image, health, financial resources, adequate confidence and self-esteem, self-respect and respect for others, good personal boundaries, self-love, and empathy.

    • Improve Sex Appeal And Image

    We will help you create a well-developed image that is relaxed and natural—matching your inner energies, personality, body/face type, and status

    An ideal image is NOT about clothes and style. A lack of spontaneity is what is making your image dull and unattractive. Sex appeal is best expressed in the way in which you can unlock spontaneity in another. The foundation of a good image is to understand and accept your deficiencies and to start loving what was given to you by nature. A harmonically chosen image reduces the inner and outer pressures from stress and increases your energy flow. Spontaneity increases and allows you to feel relaxed, confident, and alive—with a spark in your eyes.

    • Go With The Flow

    We will help you fight your attachments and share with you our techniques to improve at the art of letting go 

    Spontaneity means you don’t interfere—you are in a let-go mode. Whatsoever happens, you watch; you are a witness to it like an observer. You know it is happening, but you don’t jump into it, and you don’t try to change its course. Your desire to control the outcome will kill the spontaneity. Only strong self-respect will allow you to be independent, count on yourself, and strive for self-development; so you have more to offer others.

    • Stop Begging For Love

    We will help you to grow your self-respect and arrive at a place of inner completeness, balance, and peace

    Spontaneity means you don’t have any direction or objective to attain from others. You only accept what is offered to you VOLUNTARILY!

    Countless people are dragging themselves towards some imaginary goal to extract from others—love, sex, affection, security—making themselves dependent and miserable, and missing the beauty and bliss of life—which is the ultimate goal!

    Instead, try to grow and share your greatness with others. Be respectful and empathetic, stay open, and gratefully accept whatever gifts the Universe has prepared for you!



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