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    Make a Wish!


    Holidays and the start of a new year is a time when we reflect with gratitude on the past and set our hopes and intentions for the upcoming year ahead.

    Having a dream is not enough. You have to have the courage to pursue it, reinvigorate your enthusiasm for chasing goals and dreams, and make sure your dreams are based on reality and not fantasies.

    Dream vs. Illusion

    There is a difference between a dream and an illusion. The wishes that people traditionally make while raising their champagne glass at midnight are nothing more than just “proclamations of their dreams,” most of which will never come true.

    Unlike a dream, the plan gives you all you need to implement it unless laziness and lack of motivation let you down.

    When you have a dream, you might have tons of motivation and be very passionate about it. But implementation becomes a problem, and often it not only doesn’t depend on you, but the fulfillment of your dream might be even in someone else hands.

    Many motivational programs urge people to become active creators of their lives and focus on the visualisation of their dreams – “Dream Boards,” similar to letters that kids write to Santa.

    People love to dream and hope for significant changes in their lives. It only becomes a problem when it turns into an unachievable illusion instead of a realistic plan, and people are waiting, sometimes for years, for happiness and positive changes to knock at their door like a miracle.

    So how to make a wish correctly?


    To make a wish correctly is to realize that you will do the main work with all responsibility.

    You formulate what you want, but you understand that you and the fulfillment of your desire are separated by some distance. When you are ready to do all the work, experience stress, put effort, your wish has a much better chance of being materialized. Otherwise, you will get only a new layer of illusions.

    When making a wish, you cannot think it will be done for you. Otherwise, everything in you and your life will remain the same, and the time of change is always associated with stress.

    You must understand that where you currently are, you cannot get something completely different from what you already have. The higher you set the bar when formulating a dream, the more changes you shall bring into your life to get closer to your dream.

    First, you must admit that you lack many things to make your dream come true. Yes, you will have to recognize what has to change, overcome inertia and laziness. These changes may not always please you, at least in the intermediate stages. To build something new, the old must be partially destroyed, and often this is pretty painful.


    Make a wish when you are emotionally balanced and, if possible, in a state of a slight emotional uplift. Not when you are in a state of a strong need for something.


    Make a wish while you have a very realistic outlook on your current circumstances with no illusions about yourself, your successes and failures.

    4) BE MODEST

    Make a modest wish, and don’t ask for too much to keep the distance between you and the dream surmountable and foreseeable to increase the chances of your dream to come true.


    Make just one wish! Theoretically, you can make several wishes, but it is better to focus on the most important one first.


    Make a wish and keep it a secret. The more energy you spend talking about your plans, the less energy you have left for implementing your dreams. A dream is a very fragile thing that consists of hypothetical possibilities, not real ones. Not only do you have to find opportunities, but also to attract and to keep them. You have to have faith your dream will come true, and any skeptical comments you hear from your friends will not help it.

    7) LET IT GO

    Make a wish and let it go, put it aside, even forget about it for a while. If you focus on what is not there yet, you may again get an illusion. Start with yourself, listen to your heart, and let it guide you. Have a plan but allow spontaneity to rule you instead of controlling every step.

    Spontaneity means you don’t interfere; you are in a let-go. Whatsoever happens, you watch; you are a witness to it. You know it is happening, but you don’t jump into it, and you don’t try to change its course.

    Spontaneity also means an absence of expectations and accepting things and other people as they are without getting disappointed and having a desire to change them.


    Make a wish but try not to ask for something that does not depend on you. Not everything you want is in your power. The dream is called a dream for a reason, but the more it is within your control, the better are your chances to get it fulfilled.


    Spontaneity means you don’t have any direction or goal to attain from others. You only accept what is offered to you voluntarily.

    If you have some goal to attain from others, you cannot be spontaneous. How can you be spontaneous if your energy is directed towards making others give you something? You will be immediately attached to the outcome! Your desire to control the outcome will kill the spontaneity. Only strong self-respect will allow you to be independent, count on yourself, and strive for self-development, so you have more to offer others.

    10) NO HUNGER

    That’s what millions of people are doing – dragging themselves towards some imaginary goal to extract something from others – love, sex, affection, or security! And because they are dragging themselves towards some imaginary goal, they are missing the beauty and bliss of life, which is ultimately the only goal! And that’s why there is so much frustration and so much misery in their lives because whatsoever they do to obtain from others will never satisfy their nature, never be enough, and will only make them dependent and more miserable in the end.

    Instead, flow with only one intention to grow and share your greatness with others; be respectful and empathetic, and gratefully accept the gifts the universe has prepared for you, whatever they are!

    Happy New Year, and may your dreams come true!

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