Spiritual Love Alchemy

“Aurum nostrum non est aurum vulgi” (Our gold is not an ordinary gold) ~ Gerhard Dorn

Love (higher consciousness) means finding a balance between the masculine and feminine energies. This is done by a sacred marriage between your Inner Queen (spontaneity) and Inner King (self-regulation and willpower) like in ancient alchemy.

  • Spiritual Love Alchemy
  • The Story of Adam and Eve
  • Consciousness And Spontaneity
  • Loving Consciously = Deliberately + Spontaneously
  • The 10-pointed star, or decagram, is a symbol of balance.
  • The top and bottom points represent the dance between spirit and physical body.
  • The eight other points represent the positive and negative aspects of the main universal elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air


Spiritual Love Alchemy

Love (higher consciousness) means finding a balance between the masculine and feminine energies. This is done by a sacred marriage between your Inner Queen (Spontaneity) and Inner King (Self-regulation and Will-power) like in ancient alchemy.

Sun – Moon
Gold – Silver
Male – Female
King – Queen
Day – Night
Hot – Cold
Fire – Water
Yang – Yin
Red – Blue/White
Sulfur – Mercury

Alchemy is the secret science of illumination and inner liberation. In spiritual alchemy, the gold we seek to alchemize is self-realization and soulful awareness. This is the ultimate state of transformation. This alchemy can restructure your personality, freeing you from your core wounds and self-destructive illusions.


The Story Of Adam And Eve

Turning the original sin on its head

A mortal human exists for most of his life in an unconscious state of mind. That’s why Adam and Eve were expelled from Paradise: for eating the fruit of knowledge. By eating the apple, they lost consciousness and became subject to the mind.

Consciousness / Soul / Quantum Observer  vs. Mind / Ego

Once you become subject to the mind, you turn into noise. You now operate from fear. You are reactive and live less in the present moment. You become mechanical and lose all spontaneity.


Consciousness And Spontaneity

Aristotle was teaching Alexander the Great about the sacred marriage between self-regulation and spontaneity when he said: “Pleasure is found in the consciousness of free spontaneous action.”

The more elevated your consciousness is, the higher the level of spontaneity you will have. Consciousness doesn’t come from activity. On the contrary, activities come from consciousness. Our senses do not perceive an outer object in order to pull it inward. In fact, it’s the opposite. The emerged consciousness goes out and touches the world. In doing so, it brings back the whole manifestation to its source.

Consciousness is alive and flexible. The solutions to problems change depending on the context of the situation. Flexibility and weakness express the freshness of being. This flexibility is the essential difference between morality and consciousness. What is hardened, dry, and tough, will not win. Similarly, a mind that already has a conclusion about everything cannot win either.

When the Ego gets inflated and becomes used for gratification, your awareness is then diminished. This causes a regression back into an unconscious state. Once the mind becomes too dominant, it becomes dictatorial. It does not allow the spontaneity to utter a single word.

For transformation to cause evolutionary growth, Ego has to surrender and to deliberately cooperate with Higher consciousness / Quantum Observer. This then leads towards self-realization, and ultimately, to happiness.


Loving Consciously = Deliberately + Spontaneously

Why loving deliberately doesn’t contradict loving spontaneously

  • Deliberately means to be prepared. To live with compassion, empathy, respect, and love for others.
  • Spontaneity means to welcome possibility. To be spontaneous is to allow life to happen; not to obstruct it, not to hinder it, not to distract it, and not to take it in some other direction where it was not going on its own.
  • Loving Consciously is only possible if you are simultaneously Deliberate and Spontaneous. It is an alchemical, sacred marriage between your Queen and King; masculine and feminine.

Happiness can be only found in Self-Realization and Soulful Awareness, which is the goal of the Love Alchemy.

A personal journey of transformation can only be experienced through deep, deliberate inner work.

This will require self-discipline, self-respect, respect for others, a spiritual practice, aspiration, and an embodiment of the divine love which is inside of us.

Love, just like Spontaneity, can’t be forced or borrowed.  To find love, you must first find it within. 


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