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Our blog is a collection of foundational strategies and coaching tools, that were employed for over 15 years of helping thousands of singles to create long-lasting and fulfilling relationships and to bring their love life to the next level. Our blog’s purpose is to help you develop a habit of conscious thinking and improve the quality of your relationships – both in life and in love. Explore our free articles, videos and other dating resources to create your own luck, so that you can decide your future, and manifest your personal goals and dreams.

    Love Rulebook #15

    All that is needed for happiness is a large reserve of spontaneity. That’s why spontaneity is the essential element for a love relationship.

    Love Rulebook #14

    Vital energy is what attracts others to you! Nothing else! If you are afraid to lose anything, you are not free. Only when you are free can you become magnetic.

    Love Rulebook #13

    When you are truly ready to make a change, you will. No person or book or inspiration quote is going to do it. The lightening bolt of action is only found within you.

    Love Rulebook #12

    No long term success can be achieved if a matchmaker has to work with singles in frustration following their love addiction—seeking a new fix as a remedy for their lack of happiness and inner fulfillment.

    Love Rulebook #11

    Fall in love with the love competition! Never forget about it and never avoid it! Beating your love competition gives you confidence; grows your magnetism & attracts higher quality matches to you.

    Love Rulebook #10

    To live with illusions is like driving a car without breaks—it’s in a state of constant collision with reality. You can only attract a match of the same level of consciousness as your own.

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