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Our blog is a collection of foundational strategies and coaching tools, that were employed for over 15 years of helping thousands of singles to create long-lasting and fulfilling relationships and to bring their love life to the next level. Our blog’s purpose is to help you develop a habit of conscious thinking and improve the quality of your relationships – both in life and in love. Explore our free articles, videos and other dating resources to create your own luck, so that you can decide your future, and manifest your personal goals and dreams.

    Love Rulebook #9

    A miracle can occur when you get into an induction with a way of thinking or a belief system.

    Love Rulebook #8

    The very intention to catalyze a change in the present may then reverberate down the corridors of our past potentially affect everything that led to the present moment.

    Love Rulebook #7

    The goal of any successful coaching is the development of INTUITION. Without special training and effective coaching, most people have no chance to elevate the level of their personal development.

    Love Rulebook #6

    Stop begging for LOVE! Spontaneity means you don’t have any direction or objective to attain from others. You only accept what is offered to you VOLUNTARILY!

    Love Rulebook #5

    To become successful in life, love, and business, a person must be able to analyze, plan, and strategize effectively. What is needed for this? No Illusions + Adequate Experience.

    Love Rulebook #4

    Spontaneity is impossible without imagination. Love starts with imagination. In order to awake imagination, one has to first capture the attention.

    Love Rulebook #3

    SPONTANEITY + WILL POWER = MAGNETISM + CHARISMA Influencing others is only possible through imagination and never directly through the mind. Words are not contagious. Emotions are!

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