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Quantum Dating is an easy to follow step-by-step proven dating system giving almost immediate results to attract love and lasting connections. The rules are not hard to learn. Give it a try! We have hundreds of success stories to prove our formula.

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  • Service Option 1 — Coaching Package
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Get in The Game – Play Ball with The Universe

The quality of your life is equal to the quality of your choices and available options! When the universe brings people and situations into your life, pay attention. Stay aware, and always follow the signs that you are presented with. You never know what you might find in your exploration!

When you begin trusting the intuitive pull of your soul, your life transforms. The more you learn to trust in the uncertainty and serendipity of existence, the more your heart and soul expand. Both growth and love require that you move towards the people and moments you can’t predict. Trusting in the mystery of what the outcome could be, is trusting in love.

Don’t plan, play! Let the universe surprise you! Continue growing your greatness every single day, no matter what the circumstances are. Share your greatness with others and give up on everything that is outside of your control! Leave it to us! We will filter the best romantic options—eliminating weeks and weeks of tedious searching for you!


Where to Start → Book your confidential initial orientation

Instead of jumping into reviewing and selecting profiles and photos of your potential romantic options, we suggest you start with a comprehensive personal evaluation, a private interview, and a coaching session.

Before we schedule the first interview, you will be asked to complete our “Comprehensive Personal Profile”. In this way, both of us will be prepared for the interview and save time. We must receive the completed “Comprehensive Personal Profile” at least 24 hours prior to our scheduled meeting time. The in-depth assessment enables us not only to learn about your preferences but also to determine how realistic your expectations are. It’s crucial to remain patient, realistic, and a little vulnerable through the process.

We recognize that we are dealing with the most private, and often the most vulnerable parts of people’s lives. Knowing this, we provide emotional support, feedback, help with the recognition of personal strengths, and the identification of hidden roadblocks. This helps motivate and enable our clients to achieve their romantic dreams and further their own growth—which is a prerequisite for establishing deeply fulfilling, loving relationships.

Based on your assessment, we will:

  • Help you identify strategies for closing gaps between your dream life and your reality
  • Advise you on which of our services will best match your needs
  • Provide you with further recommended resources to continue your self-improvement journey

The only way to get where you want to be is to take deliberate actions towards your dreams. We will help you develop an effective plan of action.


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Service Option 1 = “100 Days of Consciousness”
Basic Life Coaching Package


Our approach helps you find your true self before seeking true love. This is done by liberating you from harmful attachments, identifying your blind spots, and performing an honest evaluation of your reality. Our conscious coaching program is not just a direction of steps to follow. It’s a system that helps develop habits of conscious thinking, eliminate stress and conflict, create a happier and more fulfilling life, and to upgrade both your romantic and platonic relationships.

You will have weekly individual sessions with your coach—in person or over the phone. You’ll receive weekly homework readings and assignments—each custom-tailored for you to develop effectively in your areas of improvement. We will track your results and hold you accountable.

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Service Option 2 = “Dating Training Camp” Dating Coaching + Casual Dating  Package


Beat your dating competition

The dating market operates according to a competition, just like any other market. The only way to beat the competition in dating is to have no illusions—in other words, to form an adequate evaluation of your personal resources and objective significance. This is why simultaneously pairing coaching and dating works so well—it instills a strong motivation for problem-solving. The method creates a representation of reality in which the new skill is correctly modeled and shown to be effective.  

Meet your best matches

Our matchmaking method is based on matching people by the level of their consciousness. The reason being that you can only attract someone who matches your level of consciousness. We will help you increase your love significance with your best dating options from our pool of quality singles. We’ll do this by utilizing our effective coaching tools to improve your dating and communication skills.  

We believe that good luck is found when your preparedness meets an opportunity. We provide you with dating opportunities, but that isn’t all. We also offer you the tools to be prepared for those opportunities so that you can create your own luck and generate magic!

*** This is an advanced level package, and we recommend taking it after a basic level package, “100 Days of Consciousness”

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Service Option 3 = VIP Matchmaking Package Confidential Quality Introductions


The VIP matchmaking level is for advanced daters with high love significance. We help create possibilities for well-prepared players who already know the “game rules”. When you are magnetic and charismatic, we help you create romantic possibilities and introduce you to the pool of new quality romantic possibilities—providing you with satisfying results.

Expand your romantic and social circle and enjoy our handpicked, quality introductions. Test the waters, go with the flow, and experience a spontaneous fulfillment of desire. Meet quality singles matching who you are, and who you deserve. Find lasting connections and fulfilling relationships. Enjoy the ride as much as the destination. The minute you are focused on the final result, you will lose the flow. By trying to control it, you are interrupting and preventing it from happening.  

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What To Expect

A poor dater is always holding onto something, lacking spontaneity, and afraid to sink or to ‘be eaten up by sharks’. A successful dater is like a good swimmer—a Love Magnet—free, confident and spontaneous.

To become a successful dater, you will need some custom assistance at the beginning. We will hold a “Mirror” and have a “Flashlight” handy for all the dark corners you might have missed. Once the self-reflection work is done, you can continue the dating journey on your own using our method. 

At first, you might need a regular reality and Ego check—similar to annual car maintenance. But over time, you will be able to develop an adequate self-reflection mechanism and act on your own. Even one session will help you get started fast instead of learning all of your mistakes on your own. The more you work using our method, the less you will need our assistance. Eventually, it will become second nature. It is a lifelong journey as there is always a new horizon for every level of consciousness.


*All information is confidential and can be viewed only by our matchmakers. If we consider you as a good match to any of our clients, the introduction is complimentary.

The more thoroughly you will fill out the questionnaire the better we will know who you are and what you are looking for and the better your chances are of meeting the partner of your dreams. By joining our database, you are investing in yourself! Explore Your Best Dating Options! Meet Quality Singles!

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