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Why It Works

“You cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves” ~ Galileo Galilei 

We can only produce results matching your level of consciousness, as you can only attract what you are. Our approach is to help you get incredible, lasting results by raising your consciousness to improve the level of available options. We help you master love and relationships and offer solutions to match your level of consciousness. We have tested this program on many coaching clients, and it showed a very high effectiveness in personal development.

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  • Clients Benefits
  • Why “Coaching + Dating in One” is so Effective
  • Taking One Step at a Time

Client Benefits

Every dating and coaching program is customized to the client’s personal needs and style. We take time to understand where the clients are coming from and all the details of their current situation.

Our services are fast, effective, reliable, and reputable.

96% of our clients who followed our method:

  1. Attracted amazing romantic connections
  2. Successfully developed long-lasting relationships
  3. Improved their existing relationships with family members, friends, and coworkers
  4. Extended their social circle with similar-minded, conscious people
  5. Increased their magnetism and spontaneity
  6. Boosted their vital energy levels
  7. Upgraded their dating and communication skills, image, and popularity


Why “Coaching + Dating In One” is so Effective

We improve your dating opportunities with our quality, handpicked introductions, and provide you with effective coaching tools at the same time.

Our approach “Coaching + Dating In One” helps you expand your consciousness to attract better romantic options and create fulfilling, lasting relationships. We believe in an honest, “no mercy” form of feedback.

Most people simply unleash their emotions and frustration on a matchmaker/coach, who has to then point out to the client his self-defenses and illusions.

The evaluation of your problems doesn’t depend on what story you are telling—what matters is how you formulate your thoughts. This demonstrates your level of consciousness, state of your boundaries, and your level of self-esteem and self-respect.

The first step is to recognize how you are protecting yourself from your harsh reality. What protective illusions are you forming in your mind which might be shielding you from the truth? We must first discover what those illusions are, and then work to dissolve them as to obtain a clear reflection of your reality.

We can then help you restore your self-respect and start growing your resources. We teach you to manage your vital energy, thereby increasing your magnetism, charisma, and spontaneity.

After that, you will start swimming on your own for a while until a new illusion hits you and makes you lose your sense of reality. Then the process starts all over again.  As you continue to use our method, the time between these cycles will keep increasing, until they completely disappear.

In order to absorb the knowledge you have to apply it. Our brain needs a practical application for the theoretical information we receive, or else it will be lost.

That’s why working hand in hand with coaching and dating simultaneously is the most effective. With coaching, we create an environment where you get the motivation to practice your newly obtained skills, and receive honest feedback for what you did correctly and otherwise. This also applies to skills outside of dating, such as business or sports.


Taking One Step at a Time

You can count on our support and connections. We suggest taking it one step at a time. You can skip a level and buy an advanced level VIP package, but you have to take full responsibility for your final results. If you skip ahead, your results may reflect your current state of consciousness instead of your desired reality.

The VIP matchmaking level is for advanced daters with high love significance. We help create romantic possibilities for well-prepared players who already know the “game rules”. When you are magnetic, charismatic, well-prepared, realistic, and confident, and introduce you to the pool of new quality romantic possibilities, providing you with satisfying results.

There is no fun or fulfillment in making introductions resulting in unhealthy relationships. Depending on the issues and feedback the client ignores, we can predict what the outcome of an introduction will be. If a client refuses to recognize and accept their issues, then the vicious cycle will continue.

If a person’s skill doesn’t match the level he desires, the “dating game” will be lost, and the results will be absent or short-lived.

We can only produce results matching your level of consciousness, as you can only attract what you are. Our approach is to help you get incredible, lasting results by raising your consciousness to improve the level of available options.


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