Most of our clients request confidentiality — and we respect that. Therefore, we’ve had to change the names of some of them in order to protect their privacy. That being said, many of our successfully matched and helped clients are available for real life references by request.

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"Sophia is an expert in building strong romantic relationships. She helped me tremendously to reflect on what counts the most to establish a deep connection. In this busy life, we forget how to comunicate our feelings to others. Sophia's coaching tools and direct honest feedback to help me understand how to change my approach and be more successful. Annie, Seattle, WA, December 12th, 2020
"Hi Sophia, John here. Just wanted to give you a quick update: you are a genius. Thank you. Nuff said. John, Clyde Hill, WA, December 1st, 2020
Having been on a spiritual journey for the last serval years I've been able to unlock positive traits in myself that are important to my growth. Upon meeting Sophia I was surprised to find a kindred spirit who shares all of the traits I’ve come to cherish. So much so that I have learned a great deal from her. Spiritual, thoughtful, empathetic to other people's needs and respectful of their beliefs without losing her analytical talents or attention to details. One of the qualities that bound us together was her "out of the box" thinking, which she brings to her dating approach buy matching people by their level of consciousness. She is truly one in a million. Michael Dorn, an American actor and voice actor, who is known for his role as the Klingon Worf in the Star Trek franchise
A few words about a special person who changed my life. Her name is SOPHIA. If you ask for her advice, be ready for an honest opinion, but you will never hear judgment. She always surprises me with her kindness and understanding. She will comfort you, inspire you, and motivate you. Knowledgeable and professional, she is sincerely investing into you her time and all means to find the right match for you. She will help you navigate through all the bumps on the road helping you build your new relationship. She is always there for you. She never left my call unanswered or text messages unreturned. She is constantly working on personal growth so she can help us, generously sharing her knowledge. I am grateful to know her. She made me a better person. Sophia, you are a rare gem, truly beautiful in and out. Wendy, Sammamish WA
There are many options for finding your mate in Puget Sound from online dating services to serious matchmaking individuals. Sophia cuts right through the noise and will connect you with someone that fits you perfectly. Sophia will work with you to understand who you really are and what type of personality will complement your life. There is no comparable person or service in the Seattle-Tacoma area. Time with Sophia is time very well spent. She is a real gem. Robert, 55yo, Seattle WA
Sophia was my matchmaker to start until I sought her coaching help to repair my relationship with my former fiancé. Because she works with so many different types of men, women, and couples, she has unerring insight into how different personality traits or cultural expectations can create communication difficulties, and she can find simple ways to remove them. But perhaps her most important skill is this: she can simply tell you that you are wrong in such a way that you will agree with her and not feel bad about it. I am now engaged again to my fiancé, our relationship is much stronger than before, and our personal self-knowledge is also much greater. We can never repay our debt to Sophia. Samuel, 34yo, Issaquah WA
I have been working with Sophia for 5 months now. Just reading the materials is not enough Sophia was going through my text messages and chats with my friends and dates and pointing out all the mistakes I was making and most importantly how I could handle it better. I am a well-educated and quite successful business owner and I never realised that I was creating the unfavorable situations in my interpersonal connections with my own hands, until Sophia went through my correspondence with her “flash light” and put a “big mirror” to my face. I will be honest, it was pretty uncomfortable at first and even a bit painful. But it was worth every minute of it. Sophia totally transformed my relationship with myself and then it immediately affected my relationship with others - not just dating, but friends and coworkers and then romantic partners. Her texting support is “a must to order” besides the coaching package. Anthony, 37yo, Los Angeles CA
I just want to say a special note to say thank you for helping me find the love of my life. We are so happy. He is so amazing. We were both skeptical about matchmaking services, and even thought it might not work for everyone - it worked for us! Nicole, 44yo, Seattle WA
I loved Sophia’s coaching style. Sophia is very kind and caring, and also direct. She calls things out, which I appreciate, and we talk through real-life situations, applying the principles I am learning. I trust that I can share anything with Sophia, including insecurities I might have. She is supportive, nonjudgmental, and encouraging. She suggested a large number of books to read between sessions. We were then ready to discuss and make the most of our time. Also working on my correspondence (texts and emails) was very productive, demonstrative and honestly eye-opening. It helped me to see what mistakes I make and to improve my communication style and skills. Elizabeth, 33yo, Bellevue WA
If you are looking for someone in the Pacific Northwest who is not only at the top of the matchmaking profession, but who is also a wonderful person, Sophia is your woman. She has an unsurpassed level of positive energy, and also an amazing ability to inspire and energize everyone who comes into contact with her. Nobody benefits more from that than her lucky clients- she inspires all of us to look our best, feel our best, to aim high in our expectations for love and to dream about finding the perfect match. Sophia is great at boosting self-esteem, giving life advice, fashion advice, and even advice for in the bedroom. But the one thing that sets Sophia apart from her competition is the attention and care she gives to her female clientele. Many matchmakers who target high-net worth, successful men seem to treat the female as something to be "delivered" to the male client's expectations. I have been deeply and pleasantly surprised to find that Sophia is just as invested in my needs as a female client, and my protection, safety and success in dating. It was my expectation that I would be advised to try and meet the expressed desires of the men she introduced me to, but instead she has advocated that I keep my own interests in mind, and to make sure that any male client she sets me up with meets my own desires, needs and criteria as well. My experiences as a grateful client of Sophia's might even suggest that she is too good! at what she does. How is a woman supposed to choose what dates to go on when she is presented with so many appealing options? Ladies (and gentlemen) of the PNW, listen to me: Sophia is the one plus ultra of matchmakers in our area. Her attention to the smallest details is impeccable, she remembers everything and has a quick mind to go along with her amazing intuition, and if that wasn't enough she is also wise beyond her years and possesses a stratospheric emotional IQ. If you are looking for love, Sophia is the one you want helping you find it! Anna, 51yo, Kirkland WA
I highly recommend Sophia as a life and love coach. After even listening to her the first time, truly listening with an open heart, I already realized my expectations would be exceeded, that she has so much healing and helpfulness to offer anyone. What I found to be essential is her keen skill of “seeing through you” and understanding you without judgment, without ego - yet with compassion and rational constructive input. She is genuine, giving, intuitive, authentic, warm, humorous, fully present, wise, and positive yet realistic, to name a few. She “walks the talk” herself, sharing her personal experiences to help you relate and grow, and you find that she is a beautiful human being herself. Wearing “Sophia’s glasses” brought me immensely more understanding of myself and others - more enlightenment – and proactive steps in a positive direction. Beyond a doubt, Sophia invites you to truly realize yourself so that you can become your best in life and love. Angelina, 36yo, Renton WA
The initial interview with Sophia was extremely helpful! Sophia asked many in-depth questions that gave me the confidence she was really interested to know and understand me. The 40 pages intake questionnaire also prompted me to think about what is really important to me. It shifted my perception of my dating situation and confirmed that I don’t need to settle for someone who doesn’t match with my values and interests. It changed my perception of online dating- that more dates and introductions aren’t necessarily “better”, or a good use of my time. Sophia’s coaching approach was not what I expected and very different from other coaches and therapists I previously used. She helped me understand the “Field Theory”. With her help, I was able to improve my personal boundaries and self esteem, and to start approaching new relationships with confidence and self-respect, and not from the point of “need” and emotional dependency from a partner. I purposely chose to wait until after our coaching before dating again, but Sophia quickly changed my attitudes about dating and also about past relationships, seeing more clearly why they weren’t successful. Her coaching was very effective and brought almost immediate positive results not only in romantic relationships but in connections with my kids and co-workers. Keith, 30yo, Seattle WA
At first I decided to update my style on my own and Sophia suggested some stores to me. I went to stylists at those stores by myself. I wasn’t totally comfortable with what the stylists chose, but purchased the clothes anyway. After showing them to Sophia it was clear to me the value of having her shop in person with me. I returned the other clothes and Sophia chose styles that were spot-on for me. Sophia made the time to spend an entire afternoon and evening shopping with me, and another afternoon and evening at the photo-shoot. In addition, she encouraged me to bring clothes I purchased without her to her home to try on. Sophia has exceptional taste and brought a perspective to the makeover, shopping, and photo-shoot that I found extremely valuable and beneficial. Shopping experience with Sophia was fun! With Sophia advising the store’s stylist, the two women were able to quickly find me a great combination of shoes, slacks, shirts, suits, and jackets that will cover a wide variety of dating situations, without breaking my budget. Sophia spent hours with me, carefully choosing each piece of clothing and each accessory. Sophia did a great job, matching my style with my personality to deliver a better message of who and what I am. Afterward, the women I've dated have complimented me on every ensemble Sophia chose for me, even the cologne she suggested at our last stop. Ray, 56yo, Kirkland WA
The atmosphere and location for the photoshoot helped me be relaxed and comfortable. Originally I was self-conscious about a photo-shoot in public, but Sophia and the photographer made me feel at ease and comfortable. Sophia was very particular about the poses and backgrounds she felt would reflect best on me. I appreciated her meticulous attention to those details. Sophia and the photographer said there were more good images than normal that they wanted me to choose from. Sophia also helped me choose the photos that best conveyed energy and my personality so that women she matches me with will get a good sense of who I am from my photos. Chris, 39yo, Seattle WA
Sophia showed me a large number of women in her database who appeared to spark my interest. She also was quick to point out women who she felt would not be a good match for me, even though I was attracted to their photos and their profiles. Unlike online dating sites, all potential matches recommendations by Sophia matched the reality. In fact, the first match she made for me is the only one I’ve had because she seems to be a perfect fit for me. My date and I hit it off from the first phone call and we’re exclusive with each other. She and I are both amazed at how perfect we seem to be for each other. We celebrated Thanksgiving together and sent a photo to Sophia telling her how thankful we are for her bringing us together. When I first interviewed with Sophia she showed me her #1 choice for me, after we spent three hours together and she got to know me. Four months later, when I was ready to be matched, Sophia showed me the same woman’s profile again, still believing she was the #1 choice for me. We met, have dated for two months, and are now exclusive. Sophia has offered to match me with other women but I haven’t seen the need. My match and I are very happy together and continue to be amazed at how Sophia knew we would be so right for each other. Bill, 62yo, Redmond WA
I love my husband! I love my life! If he had lost all his money, I would still choose him. He has made me feel the most loved in my entire life! Thank you! He is wonderful! Tough but Soft. Strong but still Soft! Strong when I need his back. Soft when I need a hug! Never did I know that one day Sophia would call and ask me if I want to meet a guy she felt was my perfect match, and three years later I will be married to him. I could never thank you enough for introducing us. Thank you Sophia! Nellie, 42yo, Seattle WA
When I first came to Sophia, I was tired of dating, discouraged and all together ready to give up on this endeavor. The overwhelming amount of first dates will get you there in no time! The first meeting I had with Sophia was wonderful, we chatted about life and relationships as if two old friends were catching up on life. I felt extremely comfortable, relaxed and understood. She was not just asking me questions about my dating life, Sophia really wanted to get to know me on a deeper emotional level and now I understand how truly crucial that was. After the initial session, Sophia started her magic matchmaking process and Voila! We had multiple gentlemen who met my “dating criteria'', all of them were great sophisticated bachelors, truly wonderful men but I felt no spark. Then, one day Sophia called me, I will never forget how excited and enthusiastic she sounded on the phone, she said : ” I want you to meet this man, he might be the one for you!!” I do not know how to really describe my first date other than I did not want it to ever end! When you meet someone special, you have that strong deep connection almost immediately and when it is right, things flow naturally from that point on. We both feel very lucky to have found each other..It feels like a fairytale and a bit like a miracle!!! Sophia, words can not express both of our gratitudes and appreciation for this introduction!!! You matchmaking talent is the greatest gift and a blessing for all the Seattle singles!!! Thank you!!!” Beth, 43yo, Clyde Hill WA
Sophia's encouragement and guidance have been extremely helpful as I faced being single for the first time in over 15 years. She helped me clarify my goals and identify the type of woman who would be the best match for me. Frankly, her ability to select women who are excellent personality matches for me is uncanny. Richard, 45yo, Issaquah WA
I am a very busy successful professional with kids and don't have the time or desire to spend on online sites or boring disappointing dates. I figured that I have outsourced a lot of things in my life to professionals, such as beauty care, house help and realized that maybe dating should be one of those things as well! I had no time or energy to swift through countless online dating sites, and waste my energy on introducing myself to people just to find out later that they are not the quality that I was seeking. I met Sophia and she spent over 4 hours with me. She really got to know me and learn all the things that work and don’t work for me. I had to be open and honest with my needs and desires, but she helped me understand myself even better and proposed a list of potential bachelors matching all my criteria. I came to Sophia to save time and effort, to be able to go out on dates with quality men without worrying about their background and intentions. She keeps things very confidential and is very professional! After several dates, Sophia ended up introducing me to a man who has changed my life! We are both previously married and have children. She used her experience and wisdom to understand our values, life goals, and lifestyles. In a very short time, she provided me with a matchmaking introduction that made tremendous significant positive changes in my life. I feel that anyone who values their time should be using Sophia’s services. She takes a lot of time to really truly get to know you to be able to connect with you on personal and spiritual levels. She has an ability to understand your needs, desires and inner world to make that perfect match! Olga, 35yo, Seattle WA
I’ve been online dating on and off for 10 years. Does that make me an expert? I am very thankful for online dating because it has given me access to available men that are in my age range and geographic area. I've made some great friendships, had a handful of year-long romances and learned a ton about myself. Let me contrast that with a matchmaker. Here is my uninvited endorsement of using a matchmaker. What Sophia offers is the background knowledge of both people as well as a significantly higher chance of a real connection. She set me up with a couple different men and both were very high caliber that I would have never met online. Anyone can go online and meet people for free, but a matchmaker, like Sophia, is a true alchemist! Taji Degross, Bellevue, WA
Sophia! Thanks for the dating and relationship coaching, I have made significant progress since reading your materials, messaging you, and practicing. What has been most helpful is regaining the power that I had. I was just going along with some of the things that the woman said. I was trying to be polite, but I need to stand up for what is right. You talked about the example of communication and the level of sophistication of master daters. I bumped up a couple of levels of sophistication, fine tuning, and I’m getting much better results. There are more women and they are more attractive in more ways. I’m getting more matches on Tinder and OK Cupid. I’m much more confident since working with you. Starting to get my swagger back. Need to keep building it. I’m working on more of what the women are interested in and getting them to be attracted to me. I never met women at the grocery store before, and now I had a scientist woman and another woman leaning in and their eyes were sparkling towards me after I was flirting with them. Thanks for your coaching. It’s made a big difference in improving the quality and quantity of my dating. I’ll keep working towards the one woman life-long loving relationship. Keep my eyes open, but also let it happen. Mateo, 50yo, Seattle WA
"I was very skeptical about matchmaking at first. But after some time and series of failed online dates I was not willing to waste my valuable time on bad dates! I have reached out to Sophia , she was very welcoming and made me feel very comfortable. She took her time to learn about me and my life. She is a great listener and an amazing guide. She seemed to know and understand my needs immediately. Sophia has a very extensive database that isn't a static environment - it's constantly getting updated. She works with very sophisticated, educated, conscious, ambitious and driven individuals. I have not had a bad date since I signed up for her services. She made me believe in connection, love, partnership and companionship again. By the time I found Sophia I was hopelessly thinking that there is no one out there that could be a good match for me. She has changed that and gave me confidence, put a smile on my face and made me believe in love again! She is an incredible woman. I would highly recommend her for anyone who values their time and energy" Sarah, 31yo, Seattle WA
Dear Sophia, I love my new photos! I had never done a formal photoshoot like this before, so I was nervous and didn't know what to do, and had no idea what the outcome would be. Thanks to your photographer for amazing skills in not only photography (plus lighting and background selection), but also teaching me how to relax and pose! I also want to thank the hair and makeup stylist for her very flattering work. Your beauty team is the best! Thanks a lot! Hongkui, 51yo, Seattle WA
“Sophia, The first woman you set me up with actually turned out to be the best match of all! Thank you. I believe you have changed my life for the better, potentially, much better.“ James, 40yo, Seattle WA
“Hi Sophia, sorry I didn't get a chance to really speak to you at our family gathering last time. I want to personally thank you for laying the intro to a wonderful woman. She is pretty much the type of person I've been wanting to be with all around. You've made a huge difference in our lives through this intro. So, thank you!” David, 42yo, Seattle WA