Most of our clients request confidentiality — and we respect that. Therefore, we’ve had to change the names of some of them in order to protect their privacy. That being said, many of our successfully matched and helped clients are available for real life references by request.

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Hi Sophia, John here. Just wanted to give you a quick update: you are a genius. Thank you. Nuff said. John, John, Clyde Hill, WA, December 1st, 2020
Having been on a spiritual journey for the last serval years I've been able to unlock positive traits in myself that are important to my growth. Upon meeting Sophia I was surprised to find a kindred spirit who shares all of the traits I’ve come to cherish. So much so that I have learned a great deal from her. Spiritual, thoughtful, empathetic to other people's needs and respectful of their beliefs without losing her analytical talents or attention to details. One of the qualities that bound us together was her "out of the box" thinking, which she brings to her dating approach buy matching people by their level of consciousness. She is truly one in a million. Michael Dorn, an American actor and voice actor, who is known for his role as the Klingon Worf in the Star Trek franchise
A few words about a special person who changed my life. Her name is SOPHIA. If you ask for her advice, be ready for an honest opinion, but you will never hear judgment. She always surprises me with her kindness and understanding. She will comfort you, inspire you, and motivate you. Knowledgeable and professional, she is sincerely investing into you her time and all means to find the right match for you. She will help you navigate through all the bumps on the road helping you build your new relationship. She is always there for you. She never left my call unanswered or text messages unreturned. She is constantly working on personal growth so she can help us, generously sharing her knowledge. I am grateful to know her. She made me a better person. Sophia, you are a rare gem, truly beautiful in and out. Wendy, Sammamish WA
There are many options for finding your mate in Puget Sound from online dating services to serious matchmaking individuals. Sophia cuts right through the noise and will connect you with someone that fits you perfectly. Sophia will work with you to understand who you really are and what type of personality will complement your life. There is no comparable person or service in the Seattle-Tacoma area. Time with Sophia is time very well spent. She is a real gem. Robert, 55yo, Seattle WA
Sophia was my matchmaker to start until I sought her coaching help to repair my relationship with my former fiancé. Because she works with so many different types of men, women, and couples, she has unerring insight into how different personality traits or cultural expectations can create communication difficulties, and she can find simple ways to remove them. But perhaps her most important skill is this: she can simply tell you that you are wrong in such a way that you will agree with her and not feel bad about it. I am now engaged again to my fiancé, our relationship is much stronger than before, and our personal self-knowledge is also much greater. We can never repay our debt to Sophia. Samuel, 34yo, Issaquah WA