Most of our clients request confidentiality — and we respect that. Therefore, we’ve had to change the names of some of them in order to protect their privacy. That being said, many of our successfully matched and helped clients are available for real life references by request.

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Dear Sophia, I love my new photos! I had never done a formal photoshoot like this before, so I was nervous and didn't know what to do, and had no idea what the outcome would be. Thanks to your photographer for amazing skills in not only photography (plus lighting and background selection), but also teaching me how to relax and pose! I also want to thank the hair and makeup stylist for her very flattering work. Your beauty team is the best! Thanks a lot! Hongkui, 51yo, Seattle WA
“Sophia, The first woman you set me up with actually turned out to be the best match of all! Thank you. I believe you have changed my life for the better, potentially, much better.“ James, 40yo, Seattle WA
“Hi Sophia, sorry I didn't get a chance to really speak to you at our family gathering last time. I want to personally thank you for laying the intro to a wonderful woman. She is pretty much the type of person I've been wanting to be with all around. You've made a huge difference in our lives through this intro. So, thank you!” David, 42yo, Seattle WA