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    Paradise Bird


    All of us want to find True Love, many of us tried to, and only a few of us have succeeded in it. You are probably curious about what enabled them to do this.

    I want to share a story with you about the Paradise Bird.

    All of us have a “Paradise bird” inside of us. That Bird is incredibly beautiful. The Paradise bird mesmerizes everyone who sees it and changes one’s feelings into awe. We want to envision the Bird within a golden cage.

    The Paradise Bird and the Golden Cage 

    Paradise bird is a person’s Spontaneity. 

    • While both men and women possess this, it is a feminine element, the same as vital energy and energy flow.
    • In Spiritual Love Alchemy, it is often called the Queen.

    The Golden Cage is one’s personal boundaries.

    • It is a masculine element; same as self-respect / will power / self-regulation”.
    • In Spiritual Love Alchemy, it is called the King. Just like with spontaneity, personal boundaries are held by both men and women.

    How to attract men and women and make them fall in love with you?

    Get the Bird out of the Cage!

    •     Connect with another person’s Paradise Bird (the spontaneity)
    •     Awake their imagination
    •     Catch their attention 
    •     This allows for the Bird to open the Cage (boundaries to you) voluntarily 

    There are 2 very important rules to follow:

    • Never touch the Cage (other person’s boundaries) – not with your hands nor any tools. If you touch it– you will disappear.
    • Never touch the Bird (the spontaneity) – not with your hands nor with any tools. If you break this rule and touch the Bird, it will die.


    QUESTION 1: 

    How do I guide the bird out of the cage without grabbing it or touching the cage? 

    The answer is simple – control yourself and focus on the other person! Most people do the opposite – focus on themselves and control the other. 

    First, you have to catch the Birds’ imagination and attention.

    Love is an air resource. Love is born through catching imagination and then keeping and growing attention. Only then will the brain produce the energy that motivates you to go after it. 

    Spontaneity is impossible without imagination. Love starts with imagination. It only provides an energy flow to resources or people that a person is interested in. To awake imagination, one has first to capture the attention. 

    Only your magnetism, charm, and charisma will open the doors to the Bird.

    • Charm is a skill of unlocking one’s spontaneity. 
    • Seduction is a skill to cause anticipation of pleasure.

    You will want to exclude pleasure to help guide the Bird out of the Cage voluntarily. 

    What is a charm? – It is an ability to unlock another person’s spontaneity. Those who know how to do it have a Magnetic personality.

    Love is always spontaneous. You can make yourself stop loving someone, but you cannot force yourself to fall in love with anyone! And people believe that they’re making a choice! Usually, it is a spontaneous, involuntary process. You fall for someone who happened to be available in your current circle of influence—someone matching your energetic vibrations and level of consciousness.

    Influencing others is only possible through imagination and never directly through the mind. That’s how most advertisements work.

    Words are not contagious. Emotions are!


    QUESTION 2: 

    Why will you disappear if you touch the cage?

    The cage, same as personal boundaries, is protecting you not from others, but preventing you from crossing your own boundaries. The cage is where the self-respect ends. Honoring personal boundaries is as important as honoring boundaries of others – meaning respecting them in return. 

     Once you touch their cage, you break into their closed boundaries. The minute you want to get from the bird what was not offered to you voluntarily, you become invisible over time and then disappear. 

    There are exceptions from the rule, when your self-significance is very high, and breaking into closed boundaries will be only welcome. But often people have limited self-reflection and rarely can adequately evaluate their own value compared to their competition. Another mistake is to compare their own value to the subject of their interest instead of their competitors)

    Breaking into other people’s boundaries by some kind of manipulation (often subconscious) will make others lose respect towards you, and your significance will be reduced automatically.

    When I work with coaching clients – the main task is not to understand the concepts but to be able to connect dots in their behaviors and to recognize when they cross their boundaries and boundaries of others. That work starts with tuning up their self-esteem to adequate levels and growing their self-respect.


    QUESTION 3: 

    Will the bird die if you grab it?

    The Bird is Spontaneity. If you pressure spontaneity, it dies. Both desire and motivation will disappear under pressure. Marketing works the same way.

    One cannot fall in love with someone or something using the will of their minds. The flow of spontaneity can only be caused from the outside by someone else catching attention. Any pressure prevents the growth of spontaneity, as stress interrupts the flow of energy. Expectations kill spontaneity. Spontaneity is an absolute absence of expectations.

    You want to make other people’s “Birds’/ spontaneity fall in love with you without using any “torturing squeezing” manipulation tools and instead to provoke a natural volunteer interest and positive attention. Positive attention is the energy flow when people recognize their interest in someone as natural (spontaneous).


    QUESTION 4: 

    How to attract the bird?

    Dating Success rules = Capture Imagination + Deliver Pleasure + Respect Boundaries

    1. You can only burn desire in others if the other person already has a spark within. If they are frustrated, depressed, and burned out, you will be out of luck, no matter what you do. Or they will keep feeding their fire without having a balanced exchange, and eventually, you will burn out. 
    2. You have to worry about burning an interest when the other person is interested in you instead of sitting and waiting until they lose that interest. 
    3. You can try to burn a desire in someone who doesn’t know you by attracting their interest. If they got to know you and then got cold and distant, that means they lost interest. Then there is nothing left to burn there.  
    4. Respect the other person’s boundaries and their will to do whatever they choose to do or not to do.
    5. Never focus on the final goal (to catch the subject of your interest). Instead, have an excellent self-reflection and focus on first capturing imagination and attention and then delivering pleasure but only once you detect a genuine interest towards self from the other. Otherwise, you will torture the other with your positive intentions.
    6. Keep the balance. Give the other a break. Create a distance, space. But do not ignore. Only ignore if you were offended and disrespected. 
    7. Reinforce good behavior and positive steps towards you.
    8. Every step the other makes towards you shall be matched with your actions, efforts, and compliments of the same size.
    9. Talk with the other person about what interests them and what interests both of you. Refrain from talking about yourself or speaking too much and not allowing others to speak.
    10. Never rush into anything. Give another person time to think about their next step. Don’t expect immediate reaction and response. 
    11. Do not use any “squeezing” tactics. Be realistic about what the other is willing to offer you voluntarily. Never demand or ask for love, attention, affection, time, adoration, and approval, as in 100% of cases, you will pay for it with your self-respect. 


    QUESTION 5: 

    What are The Golden Rules Of Attraction And Success in Love and Romance?

    All that is needed for happiness is a large reserve of spontaneity. That’s why spontaneity is the essential element for a love relationship.

    Here is a simple Formula For Personal Magnetism

    1. Attention → 2. Imagination → 3. Spontaneity → 4. Love

    Paradise Bird / Queen / Spontaneity


    Golden Cage / King / Self-Respect / Personal Boundaries


    Personal Power / Magnetism / Charisma

    • A magnetic person is someone who gains access to another person’s spontaneity (access to the bird)
    • Spontaneity is an uncontrollable impulsive activity that is produced by the nervous system—without the direct influence of the mind
    • The higher your spontaneity is, the higher your magnetism and vital energy
    • The quality and amount of spontaneity depends on the level of consciousness
    • The higher the level of your vital energy, the happier you become
    • Happiness is a free and successful expression of will
    • Energy (spontaneity) depends on your ego settings (boundaries with others, self-esteem, self-respect, self-regulation and will power)
    • The higher your self-respect, the higher your magnetism will be

    Vital energy is what attracts others to you! Nothing else! Personal magnetism is the ability to unlock another person’s spontaneity. If you are afraid to lose anything, you are not free. Only when you are free can you become magnetic.



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