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Pursue Love Deliberately & Consciously

“Your mind is your predicament. You don’t see your prison because its bars are invisible. Part of my task is to point out your predicament, and I hope it is the most disillusioning experience of your life.” ~Dan Millman

Developing Spontaneity, Intuition & Self-respect are the main goals of our method as they are the golden gates to happiness, success, and abundance

  • Living Less Out Of Habit And More Out Of Intent
  • Is Being Deliberate Contradicting Being Spontaneous?
  • Your Life Is Your Choice And Your Responsibility
  • Seeking New Patterns Not New People
  • Effect Of Disillusioning

Living Less Out Of Habit And More Out Of Intent

“We aren’t who we want to be. We are what society demands. We are what our parents choose. We don’t want to disappoint anyone; we have a great need to be loved. So we smother the best in us. Gradually, the light of our dreams turns into the monster of our nightmares. They become things not done, possibilities not lived.” 
~ Paulo Coelho, ‘Adultery’

The majority of people are playing the same well-remembered roles imposed on them; usually done so by society. They obey these models unconsciously and mechanically—like actors on the stage—but as if they were under hypnosis, without any understating of the direction or purpose of the plot. Once they understand the secret significance behind their lives, everything becomes imbued with meaning. Only when you listen to the voice of the soul does the script reveal itself.

“Only when we have the courage to face things exactly as they are, without any self-deception or illusion, a light will develop out of events, by which the path to success may be recognized.” ~ I Ching

Our main goal is to awaken your spontaneity and intuition and to help you become a charismatic love magnet. We are here to inspire you, not to motivate you, as motivation comes from fear – ”I have to …” and inspiration comes from consciousness – “I choose to …”  (There is also “I want to…” that becomes unconscious when the choice is being made to fulfill your desire at the expense of your well-being)

Life is FUN—like a Paramount Movie series:

  • In every chapter, you play a different role
  • In each episode, there will be different circumstances
  • And every day, you get a new chance to play it all over again

You will be on repeat until you drop your illusions and get all your lessons.

Only then, will you:

  • Start enjoying the show and go with the flow
  • Stop being dependent on external circumstances and other people
  • Regain your self-respect and take charge of your destiny

Yes, it IS possible to live in this perpetual state of love. The amount of love within yourself is proportional to your vital energy and magnetism. We believe that the person with the highest level of self-respect obtains the highest level of magnetism—indeed, that is the main secret of success in love connections. And that is what we help you to achieve with our step-by-step program.

Over time, the Art of Serendipity will turn into the Art of Spontaneity.

You will start experiencing the Magic of Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire – the art of causing changes in consciousness to occur in accordance with your will.


Why Loving Deliberately Doesn’t Contradict Loving Spontaneously

Loving Consciously = Loving Deliberately + Spontaneously

Flexibility and weakness express the freshness of being. This freshness is the essential difference between morality and consciousness. What is hardened, dry, and tough, will not win. Similarly, a mind that already has a conclusion about everything will also be unsuccessful. Consciousness is alive and flexible. The solutions change depending on the context of the situation. Once the mind becomes too dominant, it blocks all spontaneity. It becomes dictatorial. It does not allow the spontaneity to utter a single word.

  • Deliberately means to be prepared, to live with compassion, empathy, respect, and love for others
  • Spontaneously means to welcome an opportunity, to allow life to happen, not to obstruct it, not to hinder it; not to distract it, not to take it in some other direction where it was not going on its own.
  • Loving Consciously is only possible if you are both at once Deliberate and Spontaneous. It is an alchemical sacred marriage between your Queen and King—your masculine and feminine.


Your Life Is Your Choice And Your Responsibility

How do successful people attract abundance, success, and love? They live their lives—making all the right turns, effortlessly. But HOW? When you follow the steps in our method, you become a Master of Spontaneity and achieve your goals effortlessly.

To create a better life tomorrow, you have to start taking responsibility over your life today. You first accumulate knowledge. Then you appropriate it. But you only learn it once you experience it. That’s why it’s so pointless to try to change someone in a relationship. You only can learn on your own and be responsible for your behaviors.

When a matchmaker makes a choice for you, unless you have done some inner work, the matchmaker’s efforts will be pointless because you will continue to behave as you used to, attracting only what matches your current vibrational energy. Instead, we help you see the situation objectively so you can drop your illusions, obtain clarity, and take responsibility for your choices. You’ll learn new tools and practice new skills in order to achieve your deepest desires.


Seeking New Patterns Not New People

Only new patterns will allow you to change your life—not new people.

Introducing you to new people while you are still practicing the same old patterns of behaviors will change nothing in your life, and will only give you temporality results of illusory success.

Our brain does not absorb knowledge which isn’t related to practical skills. If you don’t need to solve a problem at the time of mastering the knowledge, you will not absorb said knowledge.

This is why working simultaneously on coaching and dating is so effective.

When you have a coach, you have a valuable resource to learn any skill. Your coach inspires you to take action and assists you in maximizing what you learn from your experiences.

When you’re on the dating journey, you are playing at learning the skill of dating; receiving professional feedback at every step provides you with a fantastic learning environment.

There’s a reason why working hand in hand on coaching and dating (practicing dating and receiving professional feedback) at the same time is so productive: with coaching, we create an environment where you get the motivation to practice your tools and receive honest feedback for what you did correctly and otherwise. This also applies to other skills outside of dating, such as business or sports.


Effect Of Disillusioning

Watching videos, reading books, listening to podcasts—these activities are delivering you information which is then stored in your mind. However, under stress, you regress and go back to your original wiring. The whole point of growth is to be able to use and practice the newly learned models, and that’s what most people struggle with – not just the accumulation of knowledge but forming a new set of skills and rewiring their original subconscious programming. 

We use real-life situations as our case studies and invite clients to find a solution using the new models and tools. We also go over their text correspondence and track all the mistakes in the strategies, formulations, and the delivery of their intentions—mainly working on issues around boundaries, self-esteem, and self-respect. Those skills are practical and very effective in making real changes in people’s lives.

Without special training or effective coaching, most people have no chance to elevate the level of their personal development as their own experiences and analysis only helps to repeat the vicious cycle over and over again.

To become successful in life, love, and business, a person must be able to analyze, plan, and strategize effectively. What is needed for this? No Illusions + Enough Experience

We have been using this method successfully on many clients and have found it to be not only very effective but also pretty immediate, given the clients are open and don’t hold on illusions. The better their self-reflection, the more changes accrue in their lives. Once the new solutions have been learned and practiced, the new pattern has already started to develop.


For over 15 years, Sophia’s foundational strategies, coaching tools and extended social circle of connections have helped thousands of singles to create long lasting and fulfilling relationships and to bring their love life to the next level.

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