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Knowledge Beyond Conscious Awareness

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gifts.”  ~Albert Einstein 

  • Intuition And Consciousness
  • Factors Affecting Intuition
  • Mastering Intuition To Ensure Your Success
  • Intuition And Spontaneity
  • Living Less Out Of Habit And More Out Of Intent

Intuition And Consciousness

There is nothing mystical about the phenomena of intuition. You can attribute intuition to a mystical origin and claim that it is a supernatural ability. However, back in 1981, neuropsychologist Roger Sperry convinced the scientific world that this statement was not true. For this discovery, the man received the Nobel Prize.

Sperry managed to prove that intuition is a normal human function, for which the right hemisphere of our brain is responsible. The right hemisphere perceives and processes important information in the form of images. The left hemisphere does so with the help of abstract thinking and logic.

Intuition is an alternative, subconscious mind that every person possesses. Each one of us has the ability to know things beyond our conscious awareness. Intuition is a fast, nonlinear thinking based on a subconscious level. It is seen as irrational when viewed through the lens of rationality (based on analysis and facts). It is just an ability to analyze complex information and data fast—sometimes immediately—by restoring missing links and giving the final conclusion without any rational explanations.

Intuition is an accumulation of knowledge and experience—both positive and negative. It’s an understanding that does not require applying any additional efforts in order to be utilized. That’s why a higher level of consciousness leads to a more accurate evaluation of reality. For example:

  • A skillful matchmaker intuitively knows who will be a good match to whom—even after a short encounter— confirming their hunch through interviews and data collection.
  • A successful dater intuitively knows what will be the right next step to make in order to receive a desirous romantic outcome


Factors Affecting Intuition 

You are gifted with a finely tuned and sophisticated internal navigation system. Through intuitive sensations, you can receive and read information. This is because everything around you (people, objects, space) is penetrated by energy.

In other words, our five senses and mind—by recording and transmitting sensations, mental images, associations, and feelings—are forming an intuitive channel; accumulating information from both the invisible world and the world of our sensory perception.

The “purity and accuracy” of this intuitive channel depends on many components—the ability to abstract, to think independently, the quality of sensory perception, and the point of assembly— which not only helps to obtain the necessary “material” from intuition but also endows your intuitive channel with the ability to decode it.

The ability to use your intuition depends directly on your self-defense mechanisms (illusions). The higher your consciousness, the less illusions you’ll have about yourself and the world around you—leading ultimately to a higher level of intuition. 

The majority of people are gifted with intuition and empathy, but they are unable to utilize it in their daily lives because their illusions prevent them from having an adequate orientation in reality. When your consciousness level is low and you are buried in attachments and emotional turmoil, the use of “sixth sense” is simply impossible.

This may come as a surprise, but for conscious people, direction and strategy in life are predetermined by intuition—not by the mind! Consciousness helps you by using intuition as a tool, and Ego works against you by using your mind as a tool.

Intuition is your compass of the Soul; your inner navigator; the path to wisdom and enlightenment—pointing out to you the right direction in the endless ocean of possibilities. This is the way your inner voice tries to communicate with you.


Mastering Intuition To Ensure Your Success

The goal of any successful coaching is the development of INTUITION. Without special training and effective coaching, most people have no chance to elevate the level of their personal development as their own experiences and analysis only helps to repeat the vicious cycle over and over again. 

To become successful in life, love, and business, a person must be able to analyze, plan, and strategize effectively. What is needed for this? No Illusions + Adequate Experience.

With our method, you will be able to elevate your conscious awareness to increase your ability to quickly evaluate the reality around you and efficiently create strategies and tactics. We will help you learn to adequately evaluate your capabilities and not to hide behind illusions.

The whole point is to be able to use and practice the newly learned models, and that’s what most people struggle with—not just accumulating knowledge but also forming a new set of skills and rewiring their original subconscious programming.

By providing you with dating opportunities, we help you accumulate experience, as it is necessary for intuition to materialize. Intuition must determine the direction of action, and the mind helps with specific details in an already chosen direction. The mind does not deal with such global things as the general strategy; that’s the intuition’s job.

Talent reduces the number of experiences required to develop intuition. Thanks to talent, experience is accumulated and filtered faster. The experience is very important, as well. Just learning something without practicing it doesn’t allow the transformation of theoretical knowledge into applicable wisdom. Only knowledge felt through experiences can elevate your consciousness.

We have been using our method successfully on many clients and have found it to be not only very effective but also pretty immediate—given the clients are open and don’t hold onto illusions. The better their self-reflection, the more changes occur in their lives and the more they can rely on their intuition.

The Connection Between Intuition And Spontaneity

We often give so much significance to everyday events and see them as a cause for our deep inner feelings and intense emotions. The truth is, events line up in our life in accordance with our karma; that is, with those experiences which match the current level of development of consciousness. But without our thoughts and feelings, the event is absolutely neutral and is nothing but an illusion.

There are roughly three levels of consciousness: 1) Instinctive (animalistic); 2) Intellectual (human); 3) Intuitive (divine.)

“Knowledge has three degrees—opinion, science, illumination. The means or instrument of the first is sense; of the second, dialectic; of the third, intuition.” ~ PLOTINUS – AD 204–270, Greek philosopher

“Intuitio” from Latin is translated as contemplation. Your nature is pure existence—an unbiased Observer.

The purpose of human existence is the elevation of consciousness. Only at the levels of elevated consciousness, is it possible to exist beyond the boundaries of the dual world which divides everything into pleasant and unpleasant. Only after that does the mind completely give up control. Intuition can then manifest itself as a factor of confidence in reality, and a spontaneous reaction to each impulse occurs simultaneously.

This brings the magic of spontaneous fulfillment of desire. The experience begins from this level. Aristotle was referring to it when he wrote: “Pleasure is found in the consciousness of free spontaneous action” or in the Eastern teachings, it was mentioned by the term “Leela” – a divine play or a spontaneous game.


Get started on your journey to an extraordinary life filled with love, happiness, success, and abundance! The only way to get where you want to be is to take deliberate actions towards your dreams, and we will help you with an effective plan of action!

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