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Allow our intuition and professionalism to work in your favor. Meet quality introductions. Find lasting connections. Grow fulfilling relationships. Enjoy the ride as much as the destination!

Whatever happens is new from moment to moment. There is nothing that blocks us from making new models and applying new ways of thinking and behaviors.

  • Our Professionalism And Intuition
  • Delicate And Stress-Free Approach
  • Custom-Tailored And In-Depth Screening
  • National And International Personalized Search
  • Confidential And Private
  • Thorough Follow Up And Immediate Assistance

Allow Our Intuition And Professionalism To Work In Your Favor

The success of an introduction depends on multiple factors:

  • the consciousness level of the matchmaker
  • the extent to which she is able to get to know you and your possible match
  • the state of her intuition
  • the unique psychographic matching process

The integrity and intuition of a matchmaker are paramount in this process. A skillful matchmaker intuitively knows who will be a good match to whom even after a short encounter and only then confirming it through interviews and data collection.

The phenomena of Intuition is not mystical; it is just an ability to know things beyond your conscious awareness. The level of talent reduces the number of experiences required to build your intuition. The content and quality of the experience are very important as well. Thanks to talent, the experience is accumulated and filtered faster—thereby accelerating the rate at which you build your intuition.


Delicate And Stress-Free Approach

Matchmaking is a very delicate and sensitive process. We have over 15 years of experience in dealing with the most private and often the most vulnerable parts of people’s lives—feelings, emotions, wounds, secrets, and desires.

Our emotional support, feedback, recognition of personal strengths, and identification of hidden “roadblocks”, motivate and enable you to achieve your romantic dreams, and advance your personal growth—which is necessary for developing fulfilling, loving relationships.

You will quickly discover just how stress-free the matchmaking experience can be—with little effort on your part. We will do all the work for you. All you have to do is trust our expertise and have fun.


Our searches are not based on aggressive marketing schemes like computer matching, video databases, or online tests. We recognize that all clients are unique. Therefore, we choose a unique strategy for every particular client when searching for his or her life partner.

We create an action plan for custom networking, advertising, personal connections, and community outreach. We invest time in getting to know you and your potential matches, thereby providing you with the most accurate results.

In-Depth Screening

It’s crucial to remain patient, realistic, and a little vulnerable through the process. The in-depth interviews enable us not only to learn about your preferences but to determine how realistic your expectations are.

We apply a unique and custom-tailored approach to identify, filter, and qualify potential matches. Through the use of our specialized pre-qualifying process, we introduce you to only the most eligible and compatible options. We carefully select like-minded matches with social, economic, and cultural backgrounds similar to yours.

National And International Personalized Search

Our corporate headquarters is located in the Greater Seattle area and most of our business is concentrated in Washington State. However—as a certified matchmaker and a member of the National Association of Matchmakers—we have access to a national database of singles and are able to provide you with sprawling search capabilities (including international) and a personalized approach to client advertising.

Because our searches are not limited by our internal database, our matchmaking services are tailored exclusively for each individual client to meet his/her personal goals and needs. We provide a highly personalized strategic plan to find a match even for a person with very unique requirements.

Confidential And Private

Our services are confidential, discreet, and discerning. We address personal safety and have in-depth pre-screening interviews with all clients to verify the accuracy of the information they provide. All clients and their possible matches are interviewed by the same person to exclude a ‘broken link’ in the communication. This way, their needs and wishes are understood and satisfied. All of our introductions are made by prior mutual approval, and all matches answer the client’s criteria and preferences.

We value our client and social member’s privacy and confidentiality. We guarantee that personal information will never be given out without the express, written permission of the individual. All personal information is private and discreet and is viewed internally by only the trusted professional matchmakers of the QD staff. We treat all clients and social members equally—with the same confidentiality and privacy.

Thorough Follow Up And Immediate Assistance

We prepare our clients to be at their very best to meet their first potential match to make the right impression. We are available to our clients throughout the entire process. We listen carefully to their insights after the date and provide them with feedback from their dates and our recommendation to help them—not only to meet the right person but also to have an excellent chance to build a good connection with them.

We create a confidential, comfortable, and non-intimidating atmosphere for our clients. We believe that an immediate follow-up, excellent communication, and sensitivity to our clients’ feelings, needs, and emotions, are crucial for the matchmaking process.


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