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OUR PURPOSE          is to give singles a chance to expand their romantic opportunities  

OUR METHOD           is to open their eyes and hearts to align with themselves and reality

OUR GOAL                  is to help them find happiness and love


Our Approach and Philosophy

After 15 years of experience in the dating and matchmaking industry, we have helped many people improve their love life. We have built the largest database of singles in the Northwest and have created thousands of handpicked introductions with lovely success stories. We’ve learned valuable lessons on this journey.

These lessons have led us to revolutionize our approach to matchmaking and love coaching. In doing so, we’ve created a brand new matchmaking social platform.

In our approach, we combine intentional dating, energy matching, and conscious coaching. Our easy to follow, step-by-step system will help you break through limiting patterns, boost magnetism, amplify your charm and charisma, and expand the quality and quantity of your love opportunities.


Quantum Dating

Compatibility Is Created Not Matched

Our matchmaking method is based on matching people by the level of their consciousness, as you can only attract a match of the same level of consciousness as your own. We inspire you to pursue love deliberately and to expand your consciousness to attract better romantic options, creating lasting results.

We believe good luck is when preparedness meets opportunity. Not only do we provide you with dating connections, but we also give you the tools to be prepared, create your own luck, and generate lasting Love!


VIP Matchmaking

The Spontaneous Fulfillment Of Desire

Expand your romantic and social circle and enjoy our handpicked, confidential, quality introductions hassle-free by focusing on experiences vs. results. Test the waters, go with the flow, and experience spontaneous fulfillment of desire. Meet quality introductions matching who you deserve, and who you are. Find lasting connections and fulfilling relationships. We will handpick the best romantic options for you, eliminating weeks and weeks of tedious searching! Enjoy the ride as much as the destination!


Why Quantum

At The Quantum Level, Consciousness Expresses Its Free Will

Without consciousness acting as an observer and interpreter, everything would exist only as pure potential. The higher your consciousness is elevated, the greater the probability you have to enact miracles. Learn the art of causing changes in consciousness to occur in accordance with your will.


Conscious Coaching Style

Pursue Love Deliberately

The level of consciousness of a coach is crucial for your coaching success. We pay attention to how you formulate your thoughts and give you unbiased, precise evaluation and brutally honest feedback with no mercy. We give you the freedom of choice instead of advice. We help you beat your dating competition by providing you with effective tools to increase your love significance which starts with improving your image, honing communication skills and personal boundaries, improving your empathy and eliminating your illusions.


Our Goal

Mastering Spontaneity, Intuition and Self-Respect

Loving consciously is only possible if you are simultaneously deliberate and spontaneous. The higher your consciousness is, the fewer illusions you have, and the higher the level of your intuition is.

Developing spontaneity & intuition, growing self-respect and working on self-realization are the main goals of our method. You will find they are the golden gates to happiness, success, and abundance. We are committed and inspired to help you create lasting fulfilling connections.


Secret Of Success In Love

Find Your True Self Before Seeking True Love

In love connections, the person with the highest level of self-respect obtains the highest level of magnetism. Finding true love becomes possible only after truly falling in love with yourself. Only then does it become possible to love without attachment. Any need in another will disappear—turning love into “sharing and giving” instead of “taking and receiving”.

An important element in this formula is self–respect and respect for the feelings and desires of the other. Take self-respect and respect for the other out of this equation and unconditional love will disappear with it. Your love has to be wanted by the other. The only way to find love is to search within!


The Orenda Social Club

Creating A Social Circle For Spontaneous, Conscious Socializing

If you are not satisfied with the quality of your connections, friends or potential romantic partners, instead of jumping into searching for a perfect match, start by building your social connections and sphere of influence first, meeting similar minded people.

Our matchmaking, dating, and coaching programs have helped many singles increase their success rate. They’ve beat their dating competition, and transformed into the person they dreamed to be. You have the chance to do the same. The only way to get where you want to be is to take deliberate actions towards your dreams!

We believe whatever you can dream of, you can achieve, and you can count on our support in this journey!


Explore the solutions to fit your level consciousness. Schedule your free 30-minute consultation with a matchmaker and relationship expert to start making progress towards a happier and more fulfilling life!

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